5 days, 4 nights in Zanzibar

5 Days
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Trip Overview

Day 1: Welcome to Zanzibar

Day 2: Exploration of the town

Day 3: Town tour

Day 4: optional activities

Day 5: Departure


Day 1, 2,3&4: Welcome to Zanzibar, explore Stone Town, Go on a spices and fruit tour then spend a day doing what you want

When you arrive at the Zanzibar International Airport, a representative from Emerson on Hurumzi will welcome you and drive you to the hotel where you will check-in for three nights.

On day 2, Go on a guided tour of Stone Town which now is a World Heritage site designated by UNESCO in 2000 because it has historic and artistic relevance of how the Swahili culture was influenced in the 19th century by Arab, European, Persian and Indian cultures introduced by foreign merchants and settlers leading to the unique architecture we see today. Stone Town is an old part of Zanzibar City on Ungula Island which was the former capital of the Sultanate and in the 19th century, it was the flourishing business hub for spices and slaves. Discover the wonderful mazes of Zanzibar through narrow passageways that once were historic centers for slaves, ivory and gold that today are a web of craft centers and markets. Walk down endless alleyways, see the ancient coral stone buildings and huge carved wooden doors. Listen to the story that is a presentation of the Zanzibar doors; roles and significances. These doors are now a historical treasure. They are the most striking and give descriptions of the first owners’ occupation and status in society, each carving with its meaning explained by your guide. Don’t forget to take photos. Return to the hotel at noon for lunch and relax at the hotel.

You can take part in other activities though they will be at your own expense.

Spice tour which will take you to discover spices, fruits, vegetables, coconut tree climbing and test fruits indigenous to Zanzibar. Spices are a big part of everyday life in Zanzibar since it is used in food, traditional medicines, spiritual, cultural and cosmetic use, tourist attraction and a major export. Visit spice farms on this day. Tour for fruits like papayas, mangoes, pineapples and bananas sold on the streets by vendors and in the markets. Taste and enjoy ‘king of fruits’ called the Durian which is usually green and brown with a formidable thorn-covered husk but inside has a creamy color, sometimes dark-yellow. It is eaten at different stages of ripeness, each with a unique taste. Watch some locals skillfully climb the coconuts, let them drop some down to you and cut open for you to drink the coconut water and eat the inner pulp. Learn to climb the coconut tree if you feel adventurous and aren’t afraid of heights.

Today, enjoy your 4th day by deciding on what you want to engage in. you can stay at the hotel or go out and tour on your own. The beach has different activities to reward you with; swimming, sitting by the ocean shore, snorkeling.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
Accommodation: Emerson on Hurumzi
Day 5: Departure

Wake up to a local zanzibarian meal for breakfast and if you have time, engage in another local activity or sit at the beach. Later, be driven to the Zanzibar International airport for your flight out.

Meals included: No Meals
Accommodation: No accmmodation


AA Safaris has designed a trip for you to visit Zanzibar which is one of the Indian Ocean islands situated on the Swahili Coast that consists of several islands that the local people call the “Spice Islands” however of the four main islands (Ungula, Pemba, Latham and Mafia) three have human population while the fourth is a coral island where seabirds breed. Zanzibar derives its name ‘Spice Islands’ from the islands’ production of cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg and black pepper on a large scale because Zanzibar’s main industries are spices, raffia and tourism. Inhabitants speak English, Swahili, Arabic, French or Italian. Zanzibar’s trademark is its carved wooden doors and stunning architecture that all tell a story that you will learn when you visit Stone Town. Explore fruits in the city sold on the streets by vendors especially Durian, pineapples, mangoes fresh from the gardens. Buy some to take to your hotel room or eat the fruit on the street by letting the vendor peel and cut the fruit for you. Let out your adventurous side by learning to climb a coconut tree. Take on a day exploring the city on your own.


Emerson on Hurumzi
A beautifully restored hotel located in the heart of Stone Town that once was called home by the richest men in the Swahili Empire is where you will spend 4 nights. Enjoy Zanzibar tea ceremonies performed in the Roshani private dining room in the iconic Tea House restaurant open for your lunch and dinner options. The rooms have antique furnishings, colors and designed based on what they were used during the 19th century by the first owners. All rooms have unique bathroom styles, furnishing styles, views from balconies and windows, bed designs and different room themes. The evening breeze air conditioning will cool the room at night.

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