Gorilla Trekking a Must

Gorilla Trekking

Gorilla Trekking is the most highlighted activity in Uganda, Rwanda and DRC Congo for most tourists. The feeling that one gets just being too close to Gorilla is just unexplainable. One must take a trip in the land of gorilla-ugandaMountain Gorillas to experience what I am talking about.
In Uganda, Rwanda and DRC Congo the estimated number of Mountain Gorillas is approximately 720 left throughout the world. There are several Gorilla families introduced in these countries, according to the Uganda Wildlife Authority the chances of seeing Gorillas is 95%.
The time of tracking Gorilla depends, it can be like 40 minutes to 7 hours depends on their movement! But coming face to face with these giants, rewords your effort as these Gorillas gentle giants shyly approach.
It’s a recommended trip to all Tourists who intend to visit the above mentioned countries. A tour operator in this country will be able to arrange for your Gorilla Permits and accommodation including transportation.

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