Marburg Virus outbreak

Chimpanzee TrekkingKabala district has got a number of tourist attractions in Uganda which include bwindi national park, mgahinga national park which harbor a variety of gorilla families which are Uganda’s major tourist attraction. Kabala is one of the ways to access these gifted national parks. Recently the Uganda wildlife authority advised tourists who are planning to take their wildlife and gorilla trekking safaris in these national parks to be care full while they are in these areas due to the outbreak of Marburg Virus which is said to be transmitted through bodily fluids such as saliva and blood of an infected person, along with getting in touch with infecwild animals such as monkeys.

Task forces have been deployed to mobilize and sensitize the public on precautionary measures like including wearing protective gowns, gloves and masks, and not to use skin piercing equipment used by Marburg infected persons to avoid catching the virus. The place has other tourist attractions that include Ihimba Hot Springs and Lake Bunyonyi. Although the outbreak has been alerted, there has not been any cancellation of those trips which were earlier booked and no tourists have cancelled their safaris compared to the Ebola outbreak which occurred sometime.

posted by Gorilla Tours

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