Religious tourism to be sold at Indaba tourism expo by Uganda

This tourism expo takes place every year and this year’s expo is scheduled to take place from 7th may to 9th may 2016. Last years’ expo mainly focused on marketing Uganda’s eco-tourism but this year, the same expo is focusing on faith based tourism. This expo is the third largest annual tourism expo in the world and largest of the African continent.

The expo is held in Durban South Africa on annual basis, this show also brings together many African tourism leaders between 8000 and 11,000. These also include policy makers, global buyers and travel media, these also come together with a common goal of promoting a means of economic growth and transformation on the whole African continent.

The show will take place at the Inkosi Albert Luthuli international Convention Centre in Durban from 7-9 may 2016 and over 500 buyers around the globe are expected to attend the event. Uganda as a country won best African Exhibitor for its unique and ecofriendly designs at the show last year.

dffggThe chief executive officer of Uganda Tourism Board was tasked with promoting tourism in Uganda to the world and he said that the uniqueness about faith based tourism is that it is an emotional activity and the people don’t need to be convinced, this is also because people will go for religious pilgrimages in Israel even when the place is insecure.

 Ecotourism is also part of tourism which means environmentally responsible travel and visitation to relatively un disturbed areas, mainly to enjoy and appreciate nature which promotes conservation and also provides the social economic involvement of local population. Eco tourism in Uganda involves bird watching, nature guided walks, village / community walks, gorilla and chimpanzee as well as game viewing.

There are many pilgrims from many neighboring country travel from far and come to Uganda for martyr’s day celebrations that happen every 3rd June every year, these Uganda martyrs are also a group of 23 Anglicans and 22 Catholics who were executed between January 1885 and Jan 1889 on the orders of Kabaka Mwanga. Many Ugandan tour operator are expected to attend this exhibition which will help with increasing the number of safaris to Uganda

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