Primates and Nature Walks in the Ngamba Island Forest

3 Days
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Trip Overview

Drive to Entebbe and take a boat ride off from Entebbe to Ngamba Island, and have a one-time unforgettable experience with the apes in the Island

    • Chimpanzee feeding
    • Challenge the chimp critical thinking
    • Chimp Nest preparation
    • Visiting the fishing villages
    • Sunset cruise
    • Community Cultural experience
    • Boat cruise
    • local Fishing
    • Borne Fires
  • Nature Walk



This 3 days chimpanzee trekking in Safari includes chimpanzee tracking and trekking, primate trips and nature walks in the forest in Ngamba Islandprimate trips and nature walks in the forest in Ngamba Island. This chimpanzee island is located 23 Kilometers offshore from Entebbe road,  Ngamba Island supports an array of larger game and birdlife but is most well known for its sanctuary for orphaned chimpanzees, which was set up to rescue chimpanzees from poachers and traders. Its semi-wild environment allows for close viewing of the animals in their natural habitat. The Sanctuary was set up by a group of concerned organizations including Uganda Wildlife Education Centre and Jane Goodall Institute among others, to offer a facility for now over 33 orphaned chimpanzees to co-habitat in a near-natural environment.


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Jan 25 - 27, 2020
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