16 Day Classic Uganda Gorilla and Wildlife Safari

16 Day Classic Uganda Gorilla and wildlife safari African.
Mountain Gorilla safari – Chimpanzee tracking (trekking) – Wildlife Scenery
The Classic African gorilla and Wildlife Safari is one’s dream holiday to tailor a safari of your own experience to Uganda the heart of Africa.

Day 1:  Journey to Your Wildlife safari to Murchison falls

The 16 day Classic Uganda gorilla and Wildlife begins. Day one of your Africa safari will begin with pick up from your accommodation in Kampala. A well-deserved breakfast and an early curtrage departure for your safari at Murchison Falls National Park.  The journey will take you north wards. The awesome countryside is full of surprises with green being the dominant color.  There is much more to see as you head for your safari to Murchison falls, you will be free to stop your safari guide at any point to take pictures of memories and remembrance when you get back home. Make sure that you have enough butteries for your cameras.
We are now at one of the Oldest Hotel in Uganda for Lunch (Masindi Hotel). This great Uganda Hotel was built in 1923 by the Uganda Railways and Harbors Company. Prominent guests who have stayed at this Hotel Include Ernest Hemingway, Kathryn Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart.  Ernest Hemingway is remembered to have crashed two times in two different airplanes near Masindi and in the USA, it was presumed that he had died. Enjoy your delicious Lunch at Masindi Hotel.
Back on our onward Journey to Murchison falls with a stop at the stunning wonders of nature at the top of the falls. The falls were discovered and named   in 1864 by Samuel Baker with his beloved wife Florance after their safari to Africa. The falls were later given another name by Idi Amin which was Kabarega Falls or Kabalega Falls.But after Amin’s down fall; Murchison Falls National Park came back on record and is known worldwide.
Here you will have to stand on top of the fabulous falls. Here you will realize  that the ground is shaking  as an element of nature from the  – 50 meters wide dropping downstream  46 meters via  a 7 meter gorge and flowing peacefully into the distance toward Lake Albert.  So Amazing!
We continue onward to Luxury Paraa safari lodge, affordable Red Chilli Bandas or Global Village Guest House where we check in and we will spend our first night in the wilderness a classic African Safari Tented Camp along the shores of the Nile River.  It has been carefully built to be in harmony with nature and to provide you with a place of rest and relaxation in the Wilderness.  There is a swimming pool while the dining overlooks the Nile seeing some of the wildlife of Murchison Falls National Park
Your first evening at Murchison falls will be rewarding with a game drive before you are off to your lodging for dinner and overnight. You will have to cross the Nile River which is another safari adventure, with the sights and sounds of Hippos as they rest on the shores enjoying the evening as well as crocodiles. The birds flying overhead and stunning savannah which is beautiful for pictures.
Apart from the animals on the shores of the Nile, you will also have a chance to see other residents on the other side and these include Elephants, Giraffe,  Lions, antelopes of different types,  Leopards, African Buffaloes, warthogs , the Uganda Kob, birds in abundance. The safari vehicle is designed in a way that you are in position to get clear pictures while on the pop up roof, your driver will stop at any point on your request in order to get quality photos with the best shots from a distance.
After the game drive we are back to the ferry crossing and return to your accommodation for dinner, with the sounds of the romantic falls and the wilderness totally a unique experience from wherever you call home.
Budget Accommodation: Red Chilli Camp or Global Village Guest House
Mid-range Accommodation: Sambiya River lodge
Luxury Accommodation:  Paraa safari Lodge or Nile safari Lodge
Super Luxury Accommodation:  Chobe safari lodge

Day 2: Explore the Murchison Falls and its Wildlife.
A well-deserved cup of tea at your lodge and get prepared for the second game drive after crossing the ferry. The game drive starts as you watch out animals like hippos, leopards, lions, elephants, antelopes of all types, birds of all kinds including Europe migratory birds and those from Africa.  Uganda’s wilderness alive with its multitude of primates, mammals and you are right here in the heart of it all. Rest and Lunch at your chosen lodging. Then it is another adventure afternoon boat cruise on the River Nile, taking you up to the bottom of the falls where you will witness the powers on nature known as the most powerful fall in the world. There is lots of animals to see as they come to drink water, Hippos thrashing in the river, crocodiles along the shores, herds of Elephants, Buffaloes, Antelopes, birds, monkeys, a three hour boat ride with great photo opportunities.
Budget Accommodation: Red Chilli Camp or Global Village Guest House
Mid-range Accommodation: Sambiya River lodge
Luxury Accommodation:  Paraa safari Lodge or Nile safari Lodge
Super Luxury Accommodation:  Chobe safari lodge

Day 3:  Leave Murchison falls for Kibale
A relaxed breakfast at your accommodation and check-out, off for your Primate Adventure safari to Kibale Chimpanzee trekking Forest Park. The park is the only rainforest in East Africa with 13 primates’ species. Awesome journey as you drive through the verdant countryside of Uganda, expect to see a lot along the way. The scenery keeps on changing with fantastic style and design from Vegetation, Homesteads, plantations, people and culture. As you get closer to Fort portal you see the snowcapped Mountains of the Moon from a distance. Lunch break at a hotel in Hoima town.
Proceed to the Rainforest of Kibale arriving at your lodge late afternoon and check in to your Luxury primate lodge, budget chimpanzee guest house or Chimpanzee nest lodge in the Jungle. Tonight you will sleep and enjoy your night in the jungle rainforest. Have a good night sleep.
Budget Accommodation:  Chimpanzee Guest House, Ruwenzori view Guest House
Moderate Accommodation:  Chimp Nest Lodge, Bush Lodge
Luxury Accommodation:   Primate Lodge, Mountains of the Moon
Super Luxury:  Kyaninga Lodge

Day 4: Chimpanzee Tracking safari at Kibale Forest
A well-deserved morning breakfast to give you energy for the Chimpanzee tracking this day. Chimps1-300x198 Off to the jungle rainforest for primate trekking (tracking) Adventure safari experience in the heart of Africa Uganda. Certainly there are other primates staying in Kibale forest park and these include the Red Tailed monkey, Grey Cheeked Mangabey, Red Colobus Monkeys, L’Hoest’s Monkeys, Black and White Colobus Monkeys, Blue Monkeys, Baboons and then there is wildlife to see, the forest park, its beauty and the abundant birdlife that stay in this park.  Kibale Forest is covered with beauty, the butterflies, and the mystery of the rainforest.  Return to your lodging for lunch break and rest.
After lunch you will take a tour to Bigodi Swamp Wetland,  the swamp is a home to  135 plus types of birds  thus a birdwatchers’ paradise most of these birds can been seen from the papyrus, polita figs and wild palms.   While on your visit here you will also observe monkeys of different types and wildlife like the rare sitatunga antelope.  You might even find some chimpanzees again and butterflies. After the walk return to you accommodation for dinner and relaxation.
Budget Accommodation:  Chimpanzee Guest House, Ruwenzori view Guest House
Moderate Accommodation:  Chimp Nest Lodge, Bush Lodge
Luxury Accommodation:   Primate Lodge, Mountains of the Moon
Super Luxury:  Kyaninga Lodge

Day 5: Uganda safari to Queen Elizabeth
We are off for a four hour drive to Queen Elizabeth National Park.  Check into the Luxury Mweya safari lodge or Budget Queen Elizabeth safari camp. If you take the luxury package of this Uganda trip , where from your luxury lodge  you can see the Kazinga channel and its  wildlife closer to you.  A lovely lodge for you to celebrate this day of your holiday in the heart of Africa Queen Elizabeth Park.
It’s time for a delicious Lunch and afterwards it is another adventure one of the highlights of Queen Elizabeth, the launch cruise (boat ride) along the Kazinga Channel. The channel is a home of the largest concentration of birds in Africa, Hippos and other wildlife in Uganda like Buffaloes, Elephants and a fantastic introduction to the Park and its wildlife.  Afterward you are back at your lodge for rest.
After dinner how about taking an optional nocturnal  Game Safari which will take you deep into the insights of an adventure safari to view  wild animals moving  around at night. Afterwards you are back at your lodging for a good night sleep with the romantic night sounds from above and beyond.
Budget Accommodation: Queen Elizabeth safari camp or  Mweya Hostel
Moderate Accommodation:  Simba safari camp, Ihamba Safari Lodge
Luxury Accommodation:  Mweya safari Lodge or Kyambura Game Lodge.

Day 6: Uganda Wildlife and primate safari at Queen Elizabeth Park
Have a lovely breakfast and you are off for your Adventure Chimpanzee tracking in Kyambura Gorge Queen Elizabeth Park, where you will see other primates at the same time. Maramagambo forest is another home for the Chimps though they are not habituated for tracking (trekking) so they are not used to humans. The only place to track the habituated Chimpanzees is Kyambura Gorge. Apart from tracking the Chimps in Kyambura, there are other primates residing in the Gorge and these include Monkeys of different types like the Vervet Monkeys, Black and White Colobus Monkeys, if you are lucky you might see the red tailored Monkey, Olive Baboons in Kyambura. The gorge is also recommended for bird watching safaris in Queen Elizabeth where one can spot out different bird species like Blue Black Bee Eater and Blue Bellied Kingfisher along with many forest birds and migratory birds from Europe. After our morning chimpanzee trekking experience, we are off for a leisurely afternoon at our lodge. Lunch and rest until our game drive in the afternoon.
You can’t imagine what the afternoon venture will take you through, as you will be taking a game with the views of the shadows of the Rwenzori Mountain. The afternoon game drive will take you through the stunning Crater lakes; you will spot Uganda’s wildlife such as Lions, antelopes of different types, Buffaloes, Warthogs, elephants, birds of different kinds, mammals, primates, trees and plants. Back to our lodging for a fabulous dinner and a good night sleep.
Budget Accommodation: Queen Elizabeth safari camp or Mweya Hostel
Moderate Accommodation:  Simba safari camp, Ihamba safari Lodge
Luxury Accommodation:  Mweya safari Lodge or Kyambura Game Lodge.

Day 7:  Ishasha Queen Elizabeth Tree Climbing lion safari
A wonderful morning with a cup of African tea, check out from our Lodge in Queen Elizabeth and transfer to the southern part of this park where the tree climbing lions are tracked. Still within Queen Elizabeth Park but totally and completely different scenery. We check into moderate savana Resort, Ishasha Ntungwe or Luxury Ishasha Wilderness Tented Camp. It’s located in the heart of Africa wilderness offering views of wildlife roaming around right from your veranda to the dining. Its lunch time and afternoon rest. After a fantastic lunch you will take a game drive through the Ishasha Wilderness plains in search for the tree climbing lions, leopards, Antelopes of all kind, elephants and much more. Dinner and rest in the Wilderness of Ishasha.
Moderate Accommodation:  Savanna Resort
Luxury Accommodation:  Ishasha Ntungwe River Lodge.
Super Luxury: Ishasha Wilderness camp

Day 8: Gorilla safari journey to Bwindi Impenetrable gorilla trekking park
This will be your last day at Ishasha with a relaxed breakfast and another safari to the Tree Climbing Lions as you head to the gorillas at Bwindi.
The journey from Ishasha to Bwindi is not long since you will be enjoying the scenery in Ishasha as well as the wildlife as you head for the mountain gorillas in Bwindi. We are right at our lodge in Buhoma, check into Luxury Gorilla resort lodge or Buhoma Community Rest camp- the lodges here are a bit cold but comfortable with beautiful views of the Impenetrable forest, you will need to have this afternoon reserved for rest as you get set for your mountain gorilla safari the next morning.A fabulous Lunch at your Lodge and some rest is recommended. Evening at leisure.Dinner and overnight stay at your lodge.
Budget Accommodation:  Buhoma Community Rest Camp / Nshongi Gorilla Resort or Bwindi View Bandas
Moderate Accommodation:  Buhoma Community Rest Camp / Wagtail Safari Camp / Lake Kitandara  Tented Camp/ Gift Of Nature Lodge/ Trekker’s Tavern Cottages
Luxury Accommodation: Gorilla Resort Lodge / Buhoma Lodge/Silverback Lodge
Super Luxury Accommodation:  Mahogany Springs Lodge / Gorilla Forest Camp / Clouds Lodge

Day 9: Mountain gorilla trip at Bwindi Forest Park
All you have been waiting for  is the gorilla tracking day in Uganda and here is day 9 and this whole day will be  for gorilla tracking, this begins with a lovely breakfast to give you energy to walk into the thick Jungle mountain gorilla forest in search for the gorillas. Assemble at the Uganda wildlife Authority Headquarters for a short briefing with your packed lunch and drinking water.  It can take up to 8 hours, but it is usually shorter.  All well worth it, the cost of the Mountain Gorilla fades into the distance as you view these magnificent creatures up close.
There after you will take a village walks to the Batwa communities, you will be briefly introduced to the life style of these people and how they lived in the forest. The village walk is truly rewarding, you may even take part in some of the traditional activities like cooking and traditional cultural dances. You will walk back to your lodge for dinner and an overnight in sounds of Munyangwa River. If you are staying at Luxury Gorilla Resort or Buhoma Community Rest Camp, all these lodges offer a clear view of the African Rainforest with its sounds.
Budget Accommodation:  Buhoma Community Rest Camp / Nshongi Gorilla Resort or Bwindi View Bandas
Moderate Accommodation:  Buhoma Community Rest Camp / Wagtail Safari Camp / Lake Kitandara  Tented Camp/Gift Of Nature Lodge/ Trekker’s Tavern Cottages
Luxury Accommodation: Gorilla Resort Lodge / Buhoma Lodge/Silverback Lodge
Super Luxury Accommodation:  Mahogany Springs Lodge / Gorilla Forest Camp / Clouds Lodge

Day 10: Lake Bunyonyi Adventure safari Holiday
This day you will leave the Impenetrable forest for another adventure safari at Lake Bunyonyi. A lovely morning breakfast and then it is check out time and we are off to the world’s most attractive lakes with over 22 islands on it. Among the lakes in Africa, Lake Bunyonyi is the second deepest. We check into Heritage Lodge or Bunyonnyi Overland Resort all owned and managed by Ugandans. You will enjoy your stay at Lake Bunyonyi with a cool and quiet environment. You will enjoy the delicious food and fruits fresh from African gardens. The lake is simply fabulous.
Its lunch time with sights and sounds of birds, after lunch you may opt to take part in any of the activities organized at the lodge like guided community walk, explore the Island, canoeing, walking along the shores of the Lake. It’s all about you to choose any activity of your choice. Dinner at your lodge – have a peaceful night with the sounds of birds on the lake.
Budget Accommodation:  Bushara Island Camp
Moderate Accommodation:  Bunyonyi Overland Camp / Arcadia Cottages Bunyonyi
Luxury Accommodation: Heritage Lodge / Bird Nest Bunyonyi

Day 11 – Leave Lake Bunyonyi and travel to Mgahinga Park
A lovely Morning cup of tea at your lodge on Lake Bunyonyi. Carry out a canoe ride if you missed it on day 10.  Its check out time  and we are off for another  safari journey  to  Mgahinga Gorilla park, where we check in at Affordable Amajambire community camp or  Mount Gahinga Lodge in the foothills of the volcanoes and have a delicious  lunch. A relaxed afternoon or opt for a walk along the foot hills of the volcanoes. Dinner and overnight at your lodge.

Day 12 –   Whole day Uganda Adventure safari at   Mgahinga Gorilla National Park
A well deserve morning cup of African tea will give you the energy for the whole day Mgahinga Adventure safari.  The park is surrounded by Volcanoes both dormant and active. All the volcanoes within Mgahinga Park are dormant.
You have two safari options- You may choose to take the 8 hours hike to the Batwa trail taking you up the cave and it surrounds Rwanda. You can as well take part in the Golden Monkey Tracking. Its only In Rwanda and Mgahinga Park where one can track the golden Monkeys since they are endangered and rare in Africa.Evening at leisure and dinner at your Lodge.
Budget Accommodation: Mount Gahinga Rest Camp
Luxury Accommodation: Mount Mgahinga Safari Lodge/Travelers’ Rest Hotel

Day 13 – Uganda safari at Lake Mburo Park
You will be off for your journey to Lake Mburo after a cup of tea in the Morning. The drive to Mburo Park will take you through the rolling hills known as the Africa’s Switzerland, reaching Lake Mburo in time for your Lunch. You will check in at your super luxury Mihingo Lodge or Arcadia Cottages where you will be sleeping in the stunning furnished Uganda safari tents or Cottages.  Mihingo Lodge offers a clear view of the salt lick where animals meet during the day to lick the salt – simply exhilarating, all the comforts in an African style and our last Uganda Wildlife safari in a National Park.  If time does not allow us to have lunch at our Lodge in Lake Mburo we will stop over at Igongo Culture Centre for lunch.Enjoy the afternoon with a boat cruise on Lake Mburo where you will see crocodiles, Impala, Hippos, Eland, Zebras, Buffaloes and a variety of Birds like Bush shrike, Papyrus, the rare Shoebill, Africa Fin foot, Fish Eagle and many more to see.
Lake Mburo National park is an extension of Tanzanian Plains into Uganda and it is the smallest savannah park surrounded with acacia trees, it is simply beautiful to behold.  it is one of only two parks with Zebras and are a  must see, they are the first animals to welcome you as you get into the park.  The Baboons and the Vervet Monkeys are the only primates found in this park.Relax at your lodge for dinner and overnight.

Budget Accommodation:  Rwonyo Camp
Moderate Accommodation:  Arcadia Cottages-Lake Mburo
Luxury Accommodation:  Mantana Tented Camp
Super Luxury Accommodation:  Mihingo Lodge

Day 14: Horse riding safaris at Lake Mburo
Morning breakfast and the day begins with a unique safari treat in the park- Horseback riding across the savanna park and the rolling hills of Lake Mburo. Horse riding safaris are unique in this park and not yet introduced to other parks in Uganda. You will see amazing animals like Buffaloes, zebras, antelopes roaming around the savannah while you are horse riding.
Back to your lodge for lunch, refresh and off to Kampala driving through the jungles, savannahs vegetation a head of you and there is more to see as you drive to Kampala. The first stop will be at the Equator for craft shopping and photography opportunities reaching Kampala early evening. Your last dinner and overnight at Luxury Sheraton Hotel or budget Namirembe Guest house or similar.
You may opt to take a night visit to the sights and sounds of Kampala and this will introduce you to Kampala’s nightlife. So amazing!
The nightlife in Kampala is so amazing since it is Uganda’s capital and here the night never ends. Kampala is a collection of all people from all corners of Uganda. The music here is a combination of African and Western Music from record to live music where Uganda’s popular Musicians come live on stage to perform.   Surely you will enjoy the nightlife with the escort of your guide or any of the staff just to give you company. Remember the night life in Kampala is optional. The sad moments this morning will be boarding your flight back home. Goodbye Uganda to the Pearl of Africa with its lovely people and culture.

Ready for a half day source of the Nile Rafting adventure safari. Early morning cup of tea and travel to the east where Jinja is located on part of Lake Victoria, where the Nile finds its origin. You will start your rafting after briefing, you will raft to thundering rapids at its fullest with it scenery and bird species. You will travel back to Kampala with a visit to Ssezibwa falls for traditional and cultural rituals

With all the memories of your Africa safari with Arrive Africa Safaris you will. You will be transferred to the Air port to meet your international flight.
End of your Uganda safari expedition and Gorilla Safari.

Included in Safari:  Accommodation  and meals, bottled drinking water while on board, English Speaking driver guide, 4*4  Wheel safari vehicle with Fuel, English Speaking  Game drives, ,Park Entrance fees to the park, Transfers to the Airport transfers,  and visit to  cultural sites, Chimpanzee and gorilla  Permits as applicable and  Ranger Guide for Tracking.
Not included in Safari price:  Air Travel to and from Uganda, Uganda Visa Costs, Laundry, Tips, Drinks, except those included in lodging meal price.

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