A Beginner’s Guide to Viewing the Big 5 on a Safari in Africa


The Big Five of Africa: Identifying the Most Iconic Wild Animals.

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BY Jessica

Published on January 23, 2023

The Big 5 animals of Africa are the lion, elephant, leopard, rhinoceros and Cape buffalo. These animals are considered the most challenging to hunt on foot and are therefore highly sought after by hunters and safari enthusiasts alike.

Tip #1: Choose the right time of year to go. The best time to see the Big 5 animals is during the dry season, when the grass is low and the animals congregate around water sources. This makes them easier to spot and photograph.

Tip #2: Choose the right location. Different areas of Africa have different concentrations of Big 5 animals. For example, the Maasai Mara in Kenya is known for its large lion population, while the Uganda is known for its large  elephant and buffalo populations in Queen Elizabeth National Park and Murchison Falls National Park.

Tip #3: Choose the right safari company. Make sure you do your research and choose a reputable safari company which has a good track record of taking guests to see the Big 5. They  also have experienced guides who know the best places to spot the animals.

Tip #4: Be patient. Seeing the Big 5 animals can take time and patience. They are wild animals and can be elusive, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t see them on your first safari. Keep an open mind and be ready for unexpected sightings.

Tip #5: Respect the animals. Remember that these animals are wild and should be treated with respect. Never try to get too close to them or feed them. Always follow the guidelines of your safari guide and keep a safe distance.

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to having a successful safari and hopefully seeing some or all of the Big 5 animals of Africa. And remember, the most important thing is to enjoy the experience and appreciate the beauty of these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.

The Big 5 of the African Safari: An Introduction to the Most Iconic Wild Animals

The Big 5 animals of Africa, also known as the “dangerous five,” include the elephant, rhinoceros, lion, leopard, and Cape buffalo. This term originated in the late 1800s as these animals were considered the most challenging to hunt on foot due to their aggressive behavior when threatened. Today, the term refers to the five most popular and sought-after animals to spot on safaris. Seeing the Big 5 is a popular goal for many travelers, but there is so much more wildlife to experience and appreciate in their natural habitats.

A male elephant in Queen Elizabeth National Park

The elephant: Is considered to be one of the most vulnerable animals in Africa due to the ongoing illegal ivory trade. Despite international bans on the trade of ivory, elephants are still being killed for their tusks at alarming rates. This not only threatens the elephant population but also has a negative impact on entire ecosystems, as elephants play a crucial role in maintaining the balance of the environment.

Rhino in Zziwa Rhino Sanctuary

The rhinoceros: Is another animal that is facing extinction due to poaching. Rhinos are hunted for their horns, which are used in traditional medicine and as status symbols. The population of rhinos has decreased by 96% in the past century, and they are now considered to be critically endangered.

A tree climbing lion in Queen Elizabeth National Park

The lion, Once known as the “King of the Jungle,” is also facing threats to its survival. The lion population has decreased by 40% in the past two decades due to habitat loss, poaching, and human-lion conflicts.

A leopard in Kidepo National Park

The leopard: Is considered to be the most elusive of the Big 5, but it is also facing significant threats to its survival. Habitat loss, poaching, and human-leopard conflicts are all contributing to the decline of the leopard population.

Buffalo in Masai Mara National Park

Finally, the Cape buffalo: Is considered to be a vulnerable species due to habitat loss and hunting. Buffalo are often killed for their meat and hides, which threatens the population and disrupts the balance of the ecosystem.

In conclusion, the Big 5 animals of Africa are all facing significant threats to their survival. It is crucial that we take action to protect these majestic creatures and their habitats. This can be done through conservation efforts, stricter laws and enforcement, and education programs to raise awareness about the importance of these animals. By working together, we can ensure that these iconic animals continue to thrive in the wild for generations to come.



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