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From the plains of Magical Kenya to the hills of Rwanda!

Our Bespoke Travel Destinations

Arrive Africa Safaris will craft a world-class, bespoke trip to any of these places in the world to experience a made-to-order, luxurious journey designed by our experts, just for you.

Hand-picked, Top Luxury experiences in East Africa

Enjoy a hand-crafted luxury African holiday expedition of a lifetime with East Africa's top highlights - Gorilla trekking in the wild, the search of the Big 5, the famous Wildebeest Migration, and we can also throw in an extension to Zanzibar!

Big 5 Expeditions
Start your adventure with the search for the Big 5, one of Africa's most sought after wildlife!
Wildebeest Migrations
Witness this truly spectacular annual migration of over 2 million wildebeests, zebras and gazzelles...
Gorilla Trekking
Get your discovery hat on as we journey through the Impenetrable forests to see these gentle giants.
Chimpanzee Tracking
Track chimpanzees in their natural habitat - the wild, and see what makes them our closest cousins!

Why We're Different

  • We treasure firsthand experience, and thus go to great lengths to ensure that you get nothing short of it! Our handpicked guides will ensure that you experience your safari just like a local!
  • Arrive Africa Safaris travel experts, with over 10 years of travel planning, are working round the clock to always provide a unique and satisfying experience for each of our customers.
  • Get ready to explore off-the-book. Our guides will take you to secret hideouts that you've only heard about! We've been there, and we'll take you there!