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Welcome to the official website of Arrive Africa Safaris. We are one of the best gorilla safari Companies in Uganda and Africa as a whole. Gorilla safaris in Uganda and Rwanda are our top selling Africa Holidays with a combination of Wildlife viewing, Big Five Safari, Chimpanzee trekking, Island safaris, Culture Safaris, Birding tours and other tailored tours covering Tanzania Wildebeest Migration, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda safaris. We truly your safari Excursion that meets your demands without compromising. Whether it's a gorilla tracking safari in Uganda or gorilla trek Parc National Des Volcanoes, Honey Money safari or walking safari we can arrange it for you. All depends on how much time you want to spend on your Safari Holiday vacation. We have safaris for both the luxury travelers and budget tourists.

Bwindi Gorilla Tour 3 days

3 days gorilla adventure in search of the rare mountain gorillas in Bwindi forest. After spending a full hour with the gorillas, you can take a nuture walk or visit the local community near the forest.

Rwanda Gorilla Tour 3 days

Ty Visit the land of a thousand hills with a thrilling experience of the mountain gorillas in Parc Des Volcanoes National Park. Perhaps the shortest trip for the gorilla enthusiasts..

Gorilla Adventure 5 Days

Gorilla adventure safari in Uganda and Rwanda. This adventures offers you a chance to track the rare mountain gorillas in both Uganda and Rwanda. Lots of sightseeing and wildlife viewing.

Uganda Gorilla Treks 6 Days

Visit Queen Elizabeth national park in the western part of Uganda for great wildlife opportunities. See the Lions,elephants, take a cruise on Kazinga channel, great views of birds, hippos, elephants, crocodiles and so much more.

Luxury Gorilla Tour 9 days

This trip will take you to Bwindi to trek the endangered Mountain gorillas and includes a wildlife adventure safari to Uganda's best game parks that host incredible wildlife.

Gorillas & Wildlife 12 days

Gorilla trekking and wildlife safari, A trip where you will see wildlife animals in the various parks of Uganda as well as primates such as the mountain gorilla, the chimpanzee and baboons.

Uganda Safari Trip 7 days

See the best of Uganda's attractions in National Parks and reserves, from birds to lions, elephants, chimpanzee, gorillas, kobs, and so many more animals.

Kibale Chimpanzee 3 days

Visit the Chimpanzees in Kibale forest national park. A pure safari to see the primates of Uganda, Chimps, Baboons and various monkey species.

We are in the safari business to offer good and quality services to all visitors palning to take safari Holidays to Africa. Clients are free to visit any East Africa safari destination or make a combination at a low price. 25 days are enough to visit Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda's top attractions not forgetting to include the Mountain Gorillas in the itinerary. Our main safari specialization is in primate watch safaris, Gorilla safari Holidays, Avi safaris, Adventure tours, hiking and game viewing in general. Not only do we offer safaris we also make Hotel booking for client, offer travel information, Airport Transfers and car hire services.

The world of mountain gorilla species has remained with about 650-700 gorillas both low land and Mountain gorillas. Research was carried in the past 5 years on the new update the gorilla population. The numbers are shared between gorillas in Uganda, Parc volcanoes Rwanda and DR Congo. Uganda's forest Bwindi Impenetrable is a home to the Ugandan Mountain gorillas. Some of the gorilla families have been habituated for gorilla tracking, the tracking in the forest in search for the beautiful primates. There are 5 families in Uganda Bwindi Impenetrable, 5 in Rwanda Parc des Volcans and 6 in Congo Virunga National Park.

Gorilla tracking is a challenging and an intensive experience that may even take the whole day. The guide leads you through the gorilla's world, explaining aspects of their ecology and behavior along the way. Any visitor taking a gorilla safari as a high opportunity of seeing these Mountain gorillas but success is NOT guaranteed. All the gorillas are known being wild creatures with no fixed routine, and finding them requires the skill and experience of your trackers and guides, as well as luck. The gorilla trackers and park rangers guides have helped to habituate the gorilla groups and know them intimately. They will lead you to the different areas where they left the gorillas the previous day of trekking by another group of visitors. Before the gorilla trekking experience, tourists are briefed on the time they may spend while hiking. While walking, trekkers should feel free to ask guides to reduce the speed if they are going too fast and if you need a rest.

Since the gorilla safari experience is challenging, visitors are therefore advised to be physically fit. Registration and briefing commences at 07.45. Tracking gorillas starts at 08.30 and can last for a few hours. Checklist for gorilla tracking: – Sunscreen, hat and rain gear, Insect repellent, Binoculars, Solid walking shoes, Camera, Drinks and snacks. Mountains gorillas are peaceful vegetarian animals. Their diet mainly consists of foliage. They mostly enjoy the tender bamboo shoots, as well as the bark of eucalyptus trees. The gorilla family is led by the male silverback, who is actually very knowledgeable about the medicinal plants and herbs. After eating the gorillas take a resting interval of a few hours before feeding again. When resting the children are playing around. In the evening the group, which has not a fixed location, will form a nest for spending the night. The nest is made by bamboo sticks and other broad leaves to provide a blanket against the cold. Gorillas can live up to 45 years and the silverback weighs about 200 kg while the female between 80 to 120kg. The Lowland gorillas, the species of the Gorilla Gorilla Berengei, can be found in Kahuzi – Biega National Parc (KBNP) in Congo. After many years of insecurity in the region, now the management of the national park is reviving the tourist activities. There are about 300 lowland gorillas estimated. It is possible to visit some of the families through walking in the forest of the park following the direction of the ranger.

Arrive Africa Safaris offers to you a comprehensive gorilla safari packages to see Mountains and Lowland Gorillas in Uganda, Congo and Rwanda.

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