Chimpanzee Tracking

Experience the thrill of chimpanzee tracking in Uganda, Rwanda, and DRC. Uganda’s Kibale Forest is home to over 95% of the country’s chimp population, making it the perfect destination for tracking these intelligent and social primates. Chimpanzees are the closest relatives to humans, sharing about 98% of their DNA. They are known for their use of tools, social behavior, and intelligence. In Rwanda, you can track chimpanzees in Nyungwe National Park, home to over 500 chimps. Chimpanzee tracking begins early in the morning and visitors are allowed to stay with the chimps for 1 hour after locating them with the help of a ranger guide. There are strict rules to follow, including maintaining a distance from the chimps, no flash photography, and no entry for children under 12. Visit AA Safaris to learn more and book your chimp tracking adventure.