Exploring the Beauty and Significance of Mount Muhabura: A Hiker’s Guide to the Virunga Mountains


Discovering the Cultural, Spiritual, and Natural Wonders of Mount Muhabura on the Uganda-Rwanda Border

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BY Jessica

Published on March 11, 2023

Mount Muhabura, also known as Mount Muhavura, is an extinct volcano located in the Virunga Mountains range, which stretches across the borders of Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. With an elevation of 4,127 meters (13,540 feet), Mount Muhabura is the third-highest peak in the Virunga Mountains after Mount Karisimbi and Mount Mikeno.

The name “Muhabura” means “The Guide” in the local language of Kinyarwanda. This name is fitting because the mountain serves as a landmark for people traveling between Uganda and Rwanda. The mountain is also significant to the local communities as it has cultural and spiritual significance. In Rwanda, for example, the Batwa people believe that their ancestral spirits reside on the mountain.

Mount Muhabura is a popular destination for hikers and mountaineers. The climb to the summit of the mountain is challenging, but it rewards hikers with stunning views of the surrounding landscape, including the other Virunga Mountains, the Rwenzori Mountains, and the Lake Edward and Lake George. On a clear day, hikers can even see the snow-capped peaks of the Rwenzori Mountains, located over 100 kilometers (62 miles) away.

The trek to the summit of Mount Muhabura typically takes two days. The first day is spent hiking through the dense forest that covers the lower slopes of the mountain, while the second day is spent ascending the steeper, rocky terrain of the upper slopes. The climb to the summit is challenging, and hikers need to be in good physical condition and have some experience in mountain climbing.

Despite the challenges, the climb to the summit of Mount Muhabura is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many hikers. Along the way, they will encounter unique wildlife, including golden monkeys and mountain gorillas. They will also have the opportunity to learn about the local culture and traditions of the people who live in the area.

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