Wildebeest Migrations

The Wildebeest Migration is a magical, incredible, and indescribable event that is known as one of the “Seven New Wonders of the World” and referred to as the “World Cup of Wildlife.” From July to October, over two million ungulates, including Thomson’s gazelles, zebras, and elands, migrate from the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania to the Maasai Mara National Park in Kenya. The highlights of this safari include watching the animals cross the Mara River and the dramatic struggle for survival as they are hunted by predators such as cheetahs, leopards, lions, hyenas, and other lesser predators. The Maasai Mara is also home to one of the highest densities of lions in the world, making it the perfect location for BBC’s wildlife channel show, Big Cat Diary. The wildebeest migration can be a heart-wrenching and emotional experience as you witness the raw display of nature and the struggle for survival. With AA Safaris, you can experience the Wildebeest Migration firsthand with the perfect camp or lodge located nearby.