Wildebeest Migrations

Being one of the “Seven New Wonders of the World” and also referred to as The World Cup of Wildlife is the magical, incredible, indescribable wildebeest Migration. A movement from July to October of over two million ungulates migrating from The Serengeti National Park in Tanzania to greener pastures of The Maasai Mara National Park in Kenya with The Principal players being Thomson’s gazelles, zebras, and elands.  Highlights of this safari are watching the animals cross the Mara River, also how as they cross they fight off water preying reptiles like crocodiles.

As the animals move on land, they are stalked and hunted by predators like cheetahs, leopards in treetops, lions in shrubs concealed from sight, hyenas and lesser predators await the annual coming of the migration with eager anticipation. The Maasai Mara also has one of the largest densities of lions in the world and it is no wonder this is the home of the BBC wildlife channels Big Cat Diary. On their trek, the wildebeests’ path is cut several times by rivers: in the Serengeti by the Mbalangeti and the Grumeti, and in Kenya by the Mara. The Mara River crossing activity is considered the climax of the migration period because it is an event that will take you through a range of emotions: anticipation, heartache, inspiration, excitement and so much more.

The sheer sight of the first herds of animals rushing into the crocodile-infested river will make you long for this wildebeest migration every year. Kills are common during the migration, especially in the early morning, late afternoon and during the shelter of night. No matter how many safari videos you may have already seen, nothing can prepare you for this raw display of nature. The hairs on the back of your neck stand at attention, and an emotional mix of awe and sympathy takes hold. Often the prey is not aware that it is about to lose its life. Other times, the struggle to survive is fierce and even inspiring. But when death does take hold in the wild, it is anything but a pretty sight.

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