Destination Rwanda!

Rwanda is the smallest of the East African countries and neighbors Burundi, Uganda, Kenya, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is a few degrees south of the Equator. Rwanda’s principal language is Kinyarwanda though the country’s additional official languages being French and English. the national currency is Francs. It only has 3 tribes; Hutu, Tutsi and, Twa. it is the world’s 149th largest country and the 4th smallest in Africa mainland. The capital city is Kigali. Kigali International Airport serves the country. The largest lake in Rwanda is Lake Kivu. it has a temporal tropical climate. It is sometimes called “Pays des Milles collines” in French to mean ‘Land of a thousand hills” because of its mountainous landscape. Kigali is the cleanest city in Africa after the government banned the use of polythene bags in the country in an attempt to protect the environment. The government introduced using drones in medical services eg when delivering blood for emergency services. The Rwandan parliament hit the world record by comprising  60% of women making it the most female representatives on any country parliament. 

Tourism in Rwanda has categories; Business tourism, Dark tourism, medical tourism, cultural tourism, religious tourism.

National Parks prominently visited include Akagera national park, Virunga National park, Volcanoes National Park, Nyungwe national park. 10% of Rwanda is designated for birding experiences. A third of the world’s gorilla population lives in Rwanda.

 In 1994, Rwanda suffered the worst form of human violence; the Rwanda genocide where the Hutus killed 800,000 Tutsis in 100 days after the assassination of President Habyarimana. Rwanda is still healing from the wounds this genocide caused and has rebuilt more than what was lost; from economy to infrastructure to population numbers to nature. 

Genocide tours will take you to places like Rwanda Genocide Memorial Center, Nyamata genocide museum, Nyanza memorial site, Bisensero memorial site, Gisenyi memorial site. To learn about the genocide, see memorabilia, hear stories from survivors.

Unique activities in Rwanda are done in the places below; 

gorilla tracking in Virunga national park, canopy walk in Nyunwe forest, King’s Palace Museum to see Royal cows, The Ethnographic museum is where traditional customs, beliefs, memorabilia are on exhibit, Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International Karisoke Research Center is an all gorilla related research museum, visit Gorilla Guardians village or Nkotsi village to get immersed in Rwanda culture, visit the Kigali largest marketplace; Kimironko market, Inema Arts Centre, Genocide memorial center where 250,000 people buried in a mass grave are honored, Rubona Peninsula, Nyamata church, Ntarama church, National Aarts Gallery, Gisenyi public beach, Rusomo falls.

Rwanda has 5 dormant volcanos; Karisimbi, Gahinga, Muhabura, Bisoke and, Sabyinyo which make good when you want to go volcano exploring.