Kenya Safaris

In Kenya a national park and reserves cover 7.9% of the country’s land
Not all parks, however, are for visiting on Kenya trips though. Some are mountainous parks for mountain climbing safari, others are Lake Ecosystem parks and there are marine parks too. Malindi Marine National Park and Reserve is one of the largest of its kind in Kenya. The area is unique for its stretches of sandy beaches and the marine life in the area is of the liveliest in the country. The tourism sector is the leading export and income earner in Kenya.

Tourism has played a very important role in Kenya’s economic development with wildlife safaris and beaching as the leading attractions. Good planning and governance have maximized human impacts on the tourism potential as Kenya goes a head to progress with its tourism. Infrastructure development combined with commitment to wildlife conservation has led Kenya to the forefront of the regional tourism industry compared to other destinations in Africa.

A wildlife safari to the East African country without including a Visit to Masai Mara National park is considered incomplete. Masai Mara is the leading wildlife park in Africa with annual wildebeest migration and zebra cross into this small game park every year offering opportunity to tourist the greatest and best wildlife safari spectacle in the world. Not merely has it got spectacular views in every corner of the park, but zebra and gazelle trek the park on their way to Tanzania. Hot on their tails are an assortment of predators such as cheetah, leopard and hyena.
Safaris to start and end in Nairobi the capital. The town is a busy business centre with modern buildings including Hotels and shopping malls giving a good image of the country to tourists. Tourist attractions in Nairobi include the National museum of Kenya for historical and cultural exhibitions, Uhuru monument attribute to Kenya’s Independence, Bomus of Kenya, Nairobi National park located in the south of Nairobi and others.

Why travel to Kenya for Africa safaris?
-Home of Africa wildlife
-It is comprised of diversity African Culture.
-The country has nature endowment.
-Comfortable Weather and excellent year-round wildlife viewing
-Welcoming people
-Architecture and beauty of lodges and Hotel ranging from luxury to budget
-Beautiful scenery
-They city of Nairobi is generally clean with access to the Airport.

Why book Kenya safaris with Arrive Africa Safaris?
-Dedicated to conserving the country’s natural resources without any visit impact “take nothing but footsteps”.
-Minimum group of visitors.
-Special attention and care. We tailor our safaris basing on the requirements, price and the number of people traveling in a group.
-Our safari guide are informed and educated about Rwanda’s tourism.
-We aim at sustainable tourism development (STD).

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